About Steve and Bluey
Steve and Steve
Steven Fischer (right) with friend, mentor, and producer of The Steve & Bluey Show, Steve Melendez. (May 2005)
Steve and Bill Melendez
Steven Fischer with his animation hero, Bill Melendez, in his office at Sherman Oaks, California. (August 2005)
Steven Close Up Animating
Steven Fischer animates a scene from the popular Blue Dot TV commercials. (2004)
Bluey in 1998
Bluey in 1998.
Steven and Mom
Steven and his mom, Lynne, at the 2001 Emmy Awards.
Steven and Jim Camacho
Colors director Steven Fischer (left) discussing production notes with star and indie rock favorite, Jim Camacho, on location in New York City. April 30, 2006. (photo: John Bintz)
Jim Choate and Steven
Steven Fischer with his agent (and Living History performer) Jim Choate at Gettysburg, PA in 1999.
Bluey and Unknown
Bluey with unidentified woman in Wilsons Peak, Colorado (Feb. 2005)
Steven with Headphones
Steven in Baltimore, Summer 2000, shooting his experimental Carl Clark documentary.
Steve and Bluey in 1997
Steve and Bluey performing in 1997.
Steven with his Bolex
Steven with his beloved Bolex in 1997, shooting a 16mm short.
Jim Mardi
Our dashing and generous friend, Jim Mardi. (2003)
Paul Baum
Artistic genius, Paul Baum. (Sept. 2003)
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