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Stars War!
Not so long ago, in a pet supply store not-so-far away,
canine thespian Butch, famous for his “Puppy Stuff” commercials in which the expressionless bulldog just sort of sits on a rug in front of a cyc wall and reacts to some guy trying to entice him with dog toys, created a disturbing scene at Beverly Pet Supplies last Saturday when he ran into celebrated cat film star Sharby “Got Your Tongue” Meowzer. While many readers will know the 1960s icon from her string of successful films including “The Cat’s Meow” and “Sharby the Cat Gets Leverage”, many others will be surprised to find out she’s still alive!

As reported by Beverly Pet Supplies manager “Mike”, Butch turned a corner at aisle three (doggie needs) just as Sharby was turning the corner from the other direction (cat nip). The two celebrities collided, and in a fitful rage Butch swallowed Sharby, coughing her up fifteen minutes later. Neither star was available for comment. Needless to say, production on Sharby’s latest film, ironically titled “Sharby Bites Back”, will be delayed until Sharby’s vet confirms that she is healthy enough to return to work.

That’s it for Celebrity Animal Gossip! Until next time, enjoy the peace.

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